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4 Reasons to Buy a Linen Suit for Travelling

It can be tough to find the right suit for travelling abroad. It needs to be versatile, comfortable and able to put up with life in a suitcase. As such, it should come as no surprise that linen suits remain the recommended choice, especially if you're travelling somewhere warm. Here are just four reasons to invest in a linen travelling suit. 1. Long Lasting Linen is one of the strongest natural fibres available, which means linen suits are extremely tough and long-lasting. Read More 

Key Considerations When Choosing Hi-Vis Workwear

According to Safe Work Australia, there were 58 workplace fatalities as of July 8th 2021. Thus, factory plant managers consider safety a priority, ahead of productivity and profit margins. In any case, safety is the foundation of all production processes and procedures. It is the reason high-visibility workwear is essential for the protection of workers. As the name suggests, hi-vis workwear ensures that workers can see each other regardless of the prevailing visibility conditions. Read More 

Why The Colour Of Your Hi-Vis Work Shirts Matter

High-visibility work shirts are an important part of many industries, as they protect and alert others to your presence in potentially dangerous situations. With a hi-vis work shirt on, you are far more likely to avoid accidents, but only if you are wearing the proper colour. It may be surprising that colour actually plays a large part in your safety when wearing hi-vis work shirts, but what you need to consider is your surroundings where you work. Read More 

Why Dry-Clean a Machine-Washable Suit?

If you've bought a washable suit, then you may have thought that you wouldn't need to have this suit dry-cleaned. After all, the suit is designed to go in a standard washing machine when it needs a clean. However, there are times when it may help to send these kinds of machine-washable garments to a dry-cleaner. What are the benefits? Get Rid of Stubborn Stains Machine-washable suits may have washing temperature limits. Read More 

3 Things to Look for Before Buying Ugg Boots

Some people knowingly purchase goods that are counterfeits or knockoffs of the original designer or manufacturer goods while others fall victim to crooked traders. However, when you do not buy genuine products, you do not benefit from the functional value of the product. It is more frustrating for you though, as a buyer, when you pay the actual price of a product, such as a pair of Ugg boots and it turns out that what you bought was a pair of knockoffs. Read More